It is highly recommended that you co-wash your hair before installing. Co-wash meaning to wash with conditioner ONLY. Wash and condition the hair in a downward motion. Do not massage or rub the hair against itself. Use a conditioner and shampoo that works best at moisturizing your extensions. Your extensions may respond differently to the products you're using. It is best to let your extensions air dry, however, you can blow dry your hair. Keep in mind that too much heat can be damaging and will shorten the life span of your Black Label Extensions.

Before going to bed it is recommended that you wrap your hair with a satin bonnet, scarf and/or sleep on a silk pillowcase. 

Please Remember:
Bleaching or coloring the hair will dry the extensions out if not done correctly. Seek professional help and/or be sure to keep the hair conditioned and hydrated. DO NOT sleep on wet hair

Caring for your curly extensions:
“Curls Unleashed” is a suggested product line to use for your extensions. Along with Aunt Jackie’s Curl La La. Shampoo the hair at least once a week washing it in a downward motion. Rinse thoroughly. Squeeze out excess water. Use a leave in conditioner. Scrunch up hair gently to reform curl. Use a wide tooth comb or a wide tooth brush i.e. wig brush, when hair is damp. Apply preferred products and style while the hair is damp, allow it to air dry. DO NOT comb dry curls or waves, you will disrupt the curl pattern!

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